Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1.5t MRI Scanner

The siemens magnetom essenza 1.5t mri enables you to be even more productive, more versatile, and more confident in your daily mri practice. Equipped with tim+dot and fitted with the latest siemens mr application platform, performing 1.5t mri has never been easier and more accessible.

Siemens essenza 1.5 mri features:

Higher patient comfort, due to light-weight coils, ultra-short magnet design and faster exams.

increased throughput, consistency, and ease of use – with dot
greater clinical scope with standard and advanced clinical applications diagnostic confidence through remarkably high 1.5t image quality excellent life-cycle value through low installation and operating costs.

Siemens essenza 1.5t mri specifications:

Field strength 1.5t
bore size 60 cm
magnet length 131 cm
system length 147 cm
system weight (in operation) 4.3 tons
minimum room size 30 m² / 323 sq. Ft.
Rf tim [25×8], [46×16]
gradient strength v-engine (30 mt/m @ 100 t/m/s