PET/CT Scanners

The ge discovery™ st whole body pet/ct system combines the high performance lightspeed.

CT with high performance pet that is capable of 2d and 3d acquisition modes.

Optimized for routine oncology, cardiology and neurology studies, yet powerful and flexible enough for advanced clinical applications, making it an ideal solution for pet/ct scanning needs

  • Integrated gantry containing a slip-ring designed ct x-ray tube and multi-slice detector, 24 pet detector rings of bgo crystals, high-speed acquisition and reconstruction electronics
  • Patient imaging table with extended dual-patient scan range
  • Dual-table and gantry motion control panels show gantry and table position
  • Convenient foot pedals for table up/down control
  • Fast table movement with simultaneous up/in or down/out movement
  • Internally cooled gantry – eliminates need for water chiller
  • One integrated operator console
  • Triple-axis laser alignment lights
  • Pet dicom connectivity (query, retrieve, send, receive) and dicom print
  • Attenuation correction by transmission measurements using ct or (optionally) germanium sources
  • Static, dynamic and cardiac gated emission acquisition modes
  • Automatic loading and storage of all rod sources used for calibration and attenuation correction
  • Can perform virtually any ct clinical application