About Us

Based in new delhi (india), Radscan systems pvt. Ltd. Is a noteworthy supplier of different types of scanning machines. Mr. Sumit Morwal (CEO)  having an experience of 15 years  in different manufacturing companies medical imaging equipments, laid the foundation stone of the company in the year 2015 with a firm mission to offer only high quality products to our esteemed customers.

We at, Radscan systems pvt. Ltd. Offers innovative imaging equipment solutions to meet a variety of customer needs from turnkey project, service contracts, financing, and installation assistance. For all of your diagnostic imaging equipment requirements, working with Radscan systems Pvt. Ltd. and our certified staff provides the perfect combination of cost-effectiveness, product quality, and customer satisfaction through all phases of the product lifecycle.

Radscan systems Pvt. Ltd. providing pre-owned, diagnostic imaging equipment to the healthcare community including hospitals, imaging centres, and private medical practices. Company’s unparalleled selection of imaging equipment includes used MRI’s, used CT Scanners, Gamma Cameras, Mammography, Ultrasound, as well as select special procedure imaging apparatus and all mobile modalities. Due to our stringent quality processes, pre-owned imaging equipment purchased at Radscan systems pvt. Ltd. Is eligible for an OEM service contract.
Radscan systems Pvt. Ltd’s mission is to provide cost-effective, high quality refurbished and used diagnostic imaging equipment to hospitals, imaging centres and independent medical practices. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through all aspects of the product life cycle by providing variety of value added services designed to optimize resource utilization and streamline imaging operations. By adhering to strict business practices, we are earning an unmatched reputation for integrity and honesty and developing one of the largest networks of dealers and certified technical staff engineers in the industry.
Radscan systems Pvt. Ltd. Is a registered company in india. We have over 14 years of experience of dealing and servicing of medical imaging equipments. You can be assured that we will get you the best deal on the equipment you desire.
Expert Resource

Expert Resource

We leverage our 20+ years of experience and share our industry expertise to help you select the best quality equipment for your investment and for your patients.

Successful Track Record

Successful Track Record

We have successfully managed and completed over 400 radiation and diagnostic imaging equipment projects.

Global Presence

Global Presence

We have partnered with more than 400 facilities in over 12 countries and have a global network of best-in-class engineers to inspect, install your equipment.

Start-to-finish Solutions

Start-to-finish Solutions

We offer a full range of services to help you with every step of the process, including shipment, delivery, installation, training and service.

Quality Medical Equipment

Quality Medical Equipment

We have one of the largest selections of pre-owned, refurbished radiation and diagnostic imaging equipment, accessories and parts, and all of our certified machines undergo a rigid inspection and are guaranteed to meet oem specifications.

Dedicated partner

Dedicated partner

We will be a true partner throughout the project with a dedicated project management team working with you from start to finish.

Our usp and why customer prefers us to recommend our name to others:

Our main usp is we provide maintenance services after sales. In addition to this, some of our major competitive advantages are as follows:

• Quick service response
• Committed to deliver the services and product within time
• Competitive prices
• Customer’s trusted platform
• Large product line availabity
• Large product capacity
• Experienced team
• Good financial position
• Big service support inventory
• Quality management
• Ethical business policies

Our Mission & Values

Far too many people around the world don’t have access to the medical treatment and services they need. At Radscan systems Pvt. Ltd. we believe we can change that.

We can extend the life of valuable medical equipment without compromising safety, quality or environmental sustainability. We can help hospitals and clinics use their resources more efficiently, make their budgets go further, and provide more services to their patients. We can expand the reach of medical care to areas that would not otherwise support it.

Our mission is to help facilities around the world secure the equipment and resources needed to improve and save the lives of their patients.


We foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration. We believe in the power of the collective intelligence and use it to create the best solutions for our customers.


Honesty, trust, and commitment are the foundation of what we do. We take the “high road” when we confront challenging situations and always treat others with respect.


we take initiative to overcome challenges and solve problems. We respond to our customers with a sense of urgency and importance, and we always strive to exceed expectations.


Each individual is accountable for his/her performance and we measure ourselves in order to make improvements.


We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our customer solutions, our business, and ourselves.

The benefits of radscan service

We can also train your staff to provide first-line service, reducing your service expenses.

Cost effective

We offer fixed service contracts that take the guess work out of monthly maintenance as well as shared-risk contracts that can reduce your cash outlays.

Expert engineers

With an average experience level of more than 12 years, our engineers are factory-trained and dedicated to providing the highest quality service.

Customized plans

We can design a customized service plan to meet your facility’s needs, and we offer flexible payment options that allow you to better manage your cash flow.

On demand parts

We have access to the largest independent inventory of spare parts in india, and with multiple storage locations, you can count on fast replacement of components.

24/7 support

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to your equipment issues, no matter where you’re located.

Guaranteed uptime

We are so confident in our ability to maintain and service your equipment that we build an uptime guarantee into our service plans.

The benefits of buying refurbished

Depending on your specific needs and financial constraints, purchasing refurbished or pre-owned medical equipment can provide significant benefits for your facility.

Grow your practice

Whether you’re opening a new center, adding additional equipment, or just want to enhance your clinic’s capabilities, buying refurbished medical equipment is a savey way to grow your practice.

Maintain strong backups

Should something happen with one of your existing machines, a refurbished system can serve as a valuable backup to ensure there’s no interruption in patient care.

Gain peace of mind

Our experienced project management team is here to help during every step of the process. With our rigorous inspection process and no-risk warranty, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting quality, reliable medical equipment.

Improve roi

Payers make no distinction between new and refurbished. So why pay more for the same reimbursement? Additionally, buying “experienced” equipment often means lower annual maintenance/service contract expenses. The bottom line is a better bottom line.

Lower financial risk

Uncertainty of patient volume. Future competitive threats. Reimbursement rate changes. There are always risks to your practice. Refurbished equipment allows you to lower your overall risk and provides increased financial strength to meet unexpected challenges.

Improve patient care

Purchasing a refurbished machine allows you to purchase technology you may not be able to afford otherwise. It also frees up budget dollars that can be used to invest in other areas of your practice, such as new upgrades, a remodel, or hiring more staff, thereby improving your practice and the lives of your patients.

Refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment solutions.

The use of medical diagnostic imaging equipment can resolve between 70 – 80% of diagnostic problems, but nearly 2/3 of the world’s population has no access to diagnostic radiology. We’re committed to helping you change that.

Let us help you select a refurbished ct scanner, mri system, pet/ct scanner, c-arm, cath lab, ultrasound or x-ray system that will allow you to provide life-saving medical diagnostic imaging services to your patients.