GE Optima 660

With the optima ct660 edition, you can image small structures and see fine details, or examine large patients without compromising imaging quality and speed.

With a strong combination of a reliable x-ray tube and a powerful 72 kw generator delivering a peak of up to 600 ma, you can rely on the system to scan patients even in the most demanding situations.

Speed and coverage for dynamic acquisition studies like pulmonary embolism, thorax, and vascular, as well as for pediatrics and uncooperative patients, it is critical to acquire thin slices at the high table speed in z-direction.

Ge helical reconstruction technologies and cRadscansbeam correction work together to enable fast routine scanning of up to 70 cm in 7 seconds while delivering 0.35-mm isotropic spatial resolution.

An innovative detector developed for high spatial and temporal resolution the v-res detector and volara das are optimized for thin-slice, volumetric imaging with high spatial and temporal resolution. Their design and ge’s patented hilight* material composition combine to satisfy the critical-to-quality requirements for primary speed, afterglow, x-ray stopping power, transparency, lightto-electronic signal conversion, z-axis uniformity, and robust performance.

These exceptional capabilities enable the optima ct660 freedom edition scanner to uniformly and routinely achieve excellent imaging performance in a wide array of clinical applications including cardiac.