Ge Hispeed Dual/CTE Dual/pRadscanpeed FII

Hispeed ct/e system includes: · 65 cm gantry aperture · gantry tilt: +/- 20 degree. * remote control from operator console can be available · hilight solid state 2rows detector · 1024 localizer for easy scan location set up · minimum 0.63 second scan time (360 degree acquisition) · 30 & 60* seconds single helical scan time · ct/e tube with 2 mhu of anode heat storage with 500 khu/min heat dissipation and 24 kw operations. · wide range of technique factors (10 ma to 200 ma, in 5 ma increments) gives operator and physician flexibility to tailor technique to specific needs, optimizing patient dose, and providing the power needed to perform a broad spectrum of axial and helical examinations. · single scout auto ma : dose (ma) management by slice; based on x-ray attenuation. · advanced artifact reduction algorithms including iterative bone option (ibo) advanced noise reduction · asymetric detectors *optional software 6.3 mhu anode heat capacity 840 khu/min max anode heat dissipation